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    Table file causing duplication of records

      Hello all,


      I have a QV database which is fed via a ODBC database and various table files of Excel spreadsheets which are linked by a field entitled projname. To cut a long story short, I had reason to amend a specific projname field (on table file) entitled 'Home' to 'Home1'. Since reloading the script and discovering this was not such a good idea, I renamed the field back to 'Home' but after reloading this again, have noticed now that I have duplicate records, i.e 2 x projname records entitled Home.

      One record of 'Home' with the correct information as before but 1 record of 'Home' with no information allocated to it.


      I have tried removing the table file completely, reloading, adding the file back in and reloading once again but the duplicate 'Home still remains. Is there anyway of refreshing the database apart from reloading the data again? I am accessing the DB via a Terminal Server if that makes any difference.

      Thank you please.