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    Problems with weekly Production`s Plan

      Hello: I´m New with QlikView, and i have and issue


      I have the following fields in a QVD.




      dInicial,  (Inicial Date)

      nCdEmpresa, (Enterprise)


      dFinal,  (Final Date)

      iDiasUteis,  (Days Between Dates)

      nCdProduto, (Product Code)

      nQuantidade, (Modified Plan)

      nQtdeInicial, (Inicial Plan)




      nCdEmpresa, (Enterprise) 1

      dInicial,  (Inicial Date)01/07/2011

      dFinal,  (Final Date) 06/07/2011

      iDiasUteis,  (Days Between Dates) 6 days

      nCdProduto, (Product Code) 10.000

      nQuantidade, (Modified Plan) 6600 units

      nQtdeInicial, (Inicial Plan) 6000units





      I need that every day has the value of 1000 for inicial plan, and 1100 for Modified Plan.

      And how i create the field day, o create a calendar complete?


      Thanks, I hope you can help me.

      Sorry, my English is a little rusty