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    Set Analysis - Operator (+, *, /, -)

    Paolo Rena

      Hi to all, i have a big problem that i hope to solve it with your help....

      I would like to use the "Set Analysis" operator with Bookmarks.

      I have two bookmarks called Set1 and Set2.


      In these bookmarks there are the results of two different selections, for example:

           Set1 = Selection of product 'A'

           Set2 = Selection of product 'B'




      These two results sets are supposed to have some common records (customers who bought both 'A' and 'B').

      I loaded the data of who bought the product (clients) and obvious the product.


      These are the results I expect to get from each operator:

      - Set1 + Set2 (union)

      All customers who bought 'A' and all customers who bought 'B'. Duplicated records should be excluded.


      - Set1 - Set2 (difference)

      All customers who bought 'A' and NOT have bought 'B'


      - Set1 * Set2 (intersection)

      Customers who bought both 'A' and 'B'


      - Set1 / Set2 (XOR)

      Customers who bought 'A' XOR 'B' (customers who bought both the models are excluded).


      Which is the correct syntax for these operations?


      Thanks for your help.