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    Problem with button action

      Hi All,


      If i have 2 charts which i have auto-minimized, and i have a 1 line text below each chart specifying what the chart depicts, so when the chart is displayed, i want the text to be displayed too.


      How can i expand/collapse the text with the chart?



        • Problem with button action

          I dont want to add buttons for this. Only when someone clicks on the chart, its text should automatically also be displayed.


          So i guess we wil have to write something in the layout -> conditional part of the chart. Like specify the object ID. But what is the syntax for this?

          • Problem with button action



            You can minimize the chart and text box both in same time.

            right click on sheet -> properties--> trigers

            select the chart object on edit action

            click on add --> layout -->minimize object

            enter the chart object ID at object ID input box

            click on add --> layout-->minimize object

            now enter the text box object ID here


            Note: You sholud change the text box object properties too.

            right click on text box --> properties -->caption

            check the allow minimize check box.



            this will help you.



              • Problem with button action

                Hi Sumit,


                Thanks for your response!


                So i know how to auto minimize the chart. But i only want the text to be displayed when the chart is displayed. So i guess ill have to just link the text object with the chart n vice versa.


                How can i do this? i dont want to auto minimize the text object.

              • Problem with button action
                Tanel Rüütli

                Try this...

                Set up a variable vHelpText.

                Then add your text object with formula =vHelpText


                Then open sheet properties > Triggers

                In the Sheet Object Event Triggers add triggers to each chart:

                OnActivate - add Set Variable command to write relevant text into variable vHelpText

                OnDeactivate - add Set Variable command to write empty string into variable vHelpText


                Now the text box shows relevant text as soon as chart is activated.

                You can auto-hide the text box with show condition: len(vHelpText)>0


                Alternatively (more simple) use Caption > Help Text in the chart properties and teach your users to click the big "?" in the chart's upper right corner for advice.