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    total sum quantity

      Hi all,


      What should be the exact formula for the QUANTITY REDUCED.it should be the same total quantity both DELIVERY QTY and QTY REDUCED.


      Thanks in advance,


        • total sum quantity
          Dennis Hoogenboom

          Hi Teles,


          You are using DISTINCT in your second expression and not in your first.

          That is the reason why the are different.


          If you just want to sum them you don't need it imo.




            • total sum quantity

              Hi Dennis,


              Thank you,


              How about when i select the PO NUMBER 4600003085.the quantity reduced is not tally.


              Please help.


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                  Dennis Hoogenboom

                  Why do you assume that both sums should be the same?

                  The data is different:



                  But there is something strange about your data.
                  I can't understand why (see below) SUM(QUANTITY REDUCED) retruns 7 when there is only 3 in the selection.


                  Can you explain why this is?

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                      Thats why im confusing.but the other PO NUMBER are tally.I am looking for the report in SAP thats why i assume that they are tally,you may select the  4600003111 they are tally based on the report in SAP.but when i select the 4600003085 the quantity in quantity reduced are not.I dont know why it appears that qty.but in list box of quantity reduced the qty are 1 and 2 only.


                      Please help.



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                          Dennis Hoogenboom

                          So the 1 and 2 in this example could stand for 3 and 4, right? 
                          Then it would make ( a little) sence that the total is 7.


                          What is the value of DABMG in the original database? is it 1 and 2 or 3 and 4?



                          I think you should try something in your loading script,

                          Maybe something like:


                               NUM(DABMG) AS [QUANTITY REDUCED],


                          and see what happens ...

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                    Dennis Hoogenboom

                    It doesn't make sence to me either.


                    My suggestion would be to take a look at your source (D:\Qlikview\SCInnova\DB\EKES.qvd)

                    See what happens when you try: SUM(DABMG) in that qvd document.

                    If this also shows this beheviar take a look at where EKES.qvd gets his information from ....

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                        My source are correct.Why is it when i choose the PO number 4600003111,4600005585 is tally based on the report of SAP. The DELIVERY QUANTITY has no problem about the quantity

                        But when the other PO number are not,like the 4600003085,4600006447 are not tally the QUANTITY REDUCED.

                        I dont know what to do.or my script and the fomula in expressions are not correct?


                        This should be my report... How many delivery quantity or inbound quantity should be and how many the goods reciepts quantity in plant.



                        Any suggestions is highly appreciated.




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                        mahathi vucha

                        Hello Everyone- In the same requirement i want to find out the 1st po date and 1st po Qty


                        to get the 1st po date i am doing min(po date) which is working fine

                        but to get the 1st po qty i am trying to do


                        =Alt(FirstSortedValue(Aggr(Sum([Qty On Order]), [Item Number], [Promise Date]), [Promise Date]), Aggr(Sum([Qty On Order]), [Item Number], [Promise Date]))

                        =Sum({<[Promise Date] = {"$(=Min([Promise Date]))"}>} [Qty On Order])

                        Both the expressions are not working for me please give me some suggetions how to get the 1st PO Qty for that item.

                        the other thing happening =Sum({<[Promise Date] = {"$(=Min([Promise Date]))"}>} [Qty On Order]) with this expression is that it is working only if i select one item, and is displaying all over when no item is selected in the chart.