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    Extracting Text Between Parenthesis



      This question is quite similar to: http://community.qlik.com/message/135716#135716


      In fact it is for the same application with a data set that is just... messy... Not much I can do about that though.


      There is a particular field that holds the Customer ID along with some other junk information. There is one initial issue that I think will be easy enough to code, however there is a few 'spanners' to throw into the wreck...


      Example Set:


      (22883) PRODUCT DATA -1

      (33782) MORE RANDOM STUFF 22-3

      (637286) Example Line 77

      21-1 OMPE 111

      772891 KKiIM 88-2


      Now, first and foremost I need to extract the numbers between the parenthesis in the first thre lines.


      I need to exclude the line that had a number where LEN() < 4... (ie: Line 4)


      I also need to include the number from line 5 that doesn't have a parenthesis around it.


      Then need to save it all into a new field called CustomerID or similar.


      So the example set should turn into:








      How would I best do this?