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    Documents not being shown to users despite having access to them

      Hi all,


      I've been reading the discussions about documents not being displayed to users, but I think my case is different.


      I'm using QVS 10 SR3 on a W2K8R2 server and QVWeb Server


      Windows authentication


      here is the issue:


      we have all the .qvw documents on the Public Data/AccessPoint Documents folder with the access permissions set for each QVUsers group we have set in our AD, representing each of our clients.


      however, we have one particular client, with the same settings as any other client, but no document is displayed to its users.






        + Users


           + User one


      User one is member of CLIENT and CLIENTQVUsers groups


      The Client_Dashboard.qvw file has CLIENTQVUsers access set to READ, but when logging in, "No Documents" is displayed.

      My Account can access them.




      we do not use CLIENT group to give access to the document, because not every user of the Client has, so we set the XQVUsers groups



      Any help will be greately appreciated