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    Generate log file failure

      Our server use Reload program to reload five QVW files.

      Four of them generates log files but only one doesn't.

      I set all the setting same as others, but only one of them is the problem.


      I figured maybe the QVW file does not generate the log file is because the file size is too big?

      So I changed the original script adding "where" condition to reduce the data and the log file was generated!

      The QVW file that has the problem is up to 90M. Others were about 10M and 20M.


      This was just my guess, but do you think size of the QVW file could be the problem when generating the log file?


      Thanks in advance.

        • Generate log file failure

          Dear all,


          I felt so stupid when I found out that "Setting" was the reason for not generating the log file.


          1. Of course, Settings - Document Properties - General --> "Generate Logfile" should be checked.

          2. [I don't quite understand why, but this was the reason for not generating the log file]

              In Settings - Document Properties - Security --> "Admin Override Security" should be checked.


          Normally we uncheck this for others not to configure the QVW file.

          I might have missed this part.


          Anyway, please share your issue or other solution for this kind of problem.

          Thank you.