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    Problem in conditional SELECT?

      Hello Everyone,


      I hope it's a very basic questions, but as I recently started working on Qlikview, i don't know how to write the correct syntax for this. I've connected through a big data table, but I don't want to select the whole table as it has 11 million record so wanted to know how can we give the conditional select statement statement?


      Oracle connection string;

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM table1

      Where Snapshot_Date> '9/28/2010';


      I added this where clause but I am getting an error which says :


      ErrorSource: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle, ErrorMsg: ORA-01843: not a valid month


      SQL SELECT *

      FROM Table1

      WHERE SNAPSHOT_DATE >= '09/8/2009'


      the snapshot date is a field in table1.

      Thanks. I will appreciate your replies.