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    Variables Change on Document Reload



      I am having a problem with reloading one of our documents.  We have the the document set to a 30 minute reload in the Enterprise Management Console and the Document is set to reload the data automatically when the user is viewing it through access point.


      We have is there are a number of Charts using Variables in the Show Conditionally clause to determine when they should be shown or not.  We also have buttons which run a macro to change the variable so charts appear and disappear based on the button press.


      When we reload the document the Variables are reset to the values when the document was last saved.  This has the annoying affect for users of charts automatically returning to the default view every half an hour even if they are in the middle of something.


      Does anybody know a way of reloading the document without the variables being updated?  or another way that I can set the Show Conditionally based on a button click whichisn't affected by the reloading of a document.


      Hope all that makes sense, any help much appreciated.