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    Creating Tree structure in Qlick View



                       Am very very new to Qlik View, we got a requirement for dashboard development so i need help from you in this..........

                       Am comming to the topic in our dash board in first page we are trying to dispalay like tree structure

      Ex: Let me explain the  tree structure,



          -- Servers

          -- Storage

          -- xxxxxx

          -- yyyyyy

      - software

          -- Technologies

          -- aaaaaaa

          --  bbbbbbbb


             This is the sample structure how to implement this in qlik view,,plz help me.......

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          Hi, you can see my exemple.



          Hierarchy (Code, Parent, Name, Group, Name, Path, '/')
          LOAD * INLINE [
              Code, Name, Parent
              1, Hardware, 
              2, Servers, 1
              3, Storage, 1
              4, Xxxxxxx, 1
              5, Yyyyyyy, 1
              6, Software,
              7, Technologies, 6
              8, Aaaaaaaa, 6
              9, Bbbbbbbb, 6


          Best Regards,


            • Creating Tree structure in Qlick View

              Hi Tonial,


                             Thanks a lot for your answer and i need more help on this it is displaying like a list report in my report  i want to display the hierarchy in left side how to enlarge the size of this hierarchy....


              And i have some reports like servers is one report(sheet) and hardware is another report...like i have 5 reports how to link all these in to this hierarchy,,if i click on servers that report should display and if i click hardware that report should display.....how can we do this......please help me on this..