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    Last Month, Last 2 Month and so on filter



      I have a requirement. Say in my sheet, there will be LED Gauges, different charts which will show data for the current month. Now, I will have 3 buttons at the bottom. 'Current Month', 'Last Month', 'Last 2 Month'. Whenever the user clicks on Last Month, the data in all the charts and gauges changes according to the Last Month and same will happen for the 'Last 2 Month'.


      If there will be three months, NOV '10, DEC '10, JAN '11 and assuming JAN to be the current month, then when user click on LAST Month, only DEC '10 data will get filter and when user clicks on 'Last 2 Month' only NOV '10 data will get filter.


      Please tell me how to achieve the same.





      Sachin A.