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    Set analysis help

      Hello Qlikperts


      I need a small help regarding set analysis ....


      I have 15 colomns from various dimensions in my app & out of those 15 I want manipulate my selections from 5 colomns & i want to ignore other selections from the remaining 10 colomns .

      In a breif let us assume that i have 3 dimensions like

      Dim 1 :                            Dim2:                                Dim3:

      colomn1                         colomn6                             colomn9

      colomn2                         colomn7                             colomn10

      colomn3                         colomn8                             colomn11

      colomn4                                                                  colomn12

      colomn5                                                                  colomn13






      and i want to make selections modify my chart values from colomn1,colomn3,colomn7,colomn11,colomn15 and i want to neglect / ignore the impact of other colomns selection on my chart so

      In my set analysis i tried to write including these colomns like




      but it's not working & i tried in other way like hard coded one


      sum({<colomns i want to ignore>sales/gross)


      but this one is also not giving me my required valuations , Is there any thing i'm going wrong on it or else can anyone help me with ignoring those in a set analysis






      Thanking u all