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    QlikView app configuration on BlackBerry

      Hi everyone!


      I'm doing the configuration of Blackberry app but I haven't access to the server. I have the same configuration on iPad and iPhone and it works correctly.


      On iPad app the settings are:

      • URL: sub.domain.com
      • Display Name: Example
      • Uses Mobile DIrectory: YES
      • Username: domain\user
      • Password: *********


      On BlackBerry:

      • Server: sub.domain.com
      • Name:Example
      • Directory: ?¿ Domain ¿?
      • User: domain\user
      • Password: *********
      • Anonymous: NO
      • Connect via Https: NO
      • Login over HTTP: YES
      • Http port: XXXX
      • Https port: none



      First, I don't know why BB has more options than iPad, and I don't know how set BB options for to do the same. In iPad it's not necessary introduce the port and for web the port is not 80, it's another.


      Can somebody help me with the correct BB configuration?


      Thanks in advance.


      José Rodríguez