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    Making new Categories and calculationg Ratios

    Daniel Wewerka

      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


      I've the following problem:


      Saler Order NoSales Order Item No
      Main Article GroupProductUnitsPriceRegionCountry
      1010100110Cars4 Wheels19100.000North AmericaUSA
      1010100120Bus40 tons1200.203North AmericaCanada
      101222270Bike3 Wheels1001.000.000EMEAFrance


      I've the Main Article Group and the Product as Listboxes.


      In a chart my Main Article Group is a Dimension. But the original Main Article Group so calculate by a ratio. E.g.

      Cart = Cart + Cart*BIG/Small + 4Wheels/ Total 4 Wheels.


      The ratios are different by Regio and by Country.


      I've solved this with aggr() and Set Analysis. The Problem is, when I select a Main Article Group in the List boxes or a Product,

      the Calculation of the ratio is not correct. - Obviously, after Selection, Qlikview does not have the needed values.


      How can I avoid this? How can I still drill down from Main Article Group to a Product?


      Thank you for your help.