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    Daily Sales



      I created a variable to see current day sales amount. However that does not work well.

      My Variable formula : currentyear = 2011

                                      current day = 8/2/2011



      And then my expression is as follows :





      sts_Fatura_Yil  shows year of sales; sts_Fatura_Tarihi shows date of sale and sts_miktar is sale amount. All of them are Field.


      I would like to see sale amount at the last date. (Namely current date)

      Everymorning I prepare sale report.  When I change the variable and make it today/current day; I would like to sale of current day.  Forexample today is 8/3/2011. Tomorrow when I change variable (current day variable) and make it 8/4/2011 I would like to see only sale amount of 8/4/2011 as a daily.


      Although I was triyng to find right expression I couldn't get anything. Is there anyone to help me please ?


      Thanks in advance