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    Workbench Issue

      Hello Guys,


          I am trying to build a dot net(C#) web page which contains the qlikview objects. I have installed qlikview workbench 10 SR2 in my system.


          And my Qlikview Server version is the same. After creating a webpage of workbench template, I have created a QvObject.


          When I click on the smart tag, the lists for Qlikview Document, Object type, Object ID are not populated.


          The above is the problem, I am facing in workbench and though I have some few doubts to be clarified.


          1.    Do we really need MS SharePoint to be installed in our system to use workbench? If that's the case, can we install MS SP in x86 machine?


          2.    What is the exact QvAjaxZfc path to be used in workbench?


          3.    How big role does the Qv License play here? I have enough number of Doc CALS, User CALS and also Workbench enabled with my License.


          Hope someone can help me to solve this problem. Feel free to ask for any clarifications.