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    Time calculation

      Hi All,


      I have a chart which has the amount of RAM used vs time per user. It's a straigh table right now but will be convereted to a bar chart (stacked).


      I want to display the times only for today's date in one chart. And in another chart just for todays date, all times between 6AM and 10AM.


      I have calculated a function for time, but its not showing any values.


      Please help.

        • Time calculation

          Try This:


          In   Dimension:





          Use instead of Today() , a Variable....like


          if(floor(Sampletime)= $(variable1),time(sampletime))


          in the Script...define Variable as:


          Let variable1 = num(now());


          Here the variable will contain the Value of the Time when u reload the data.


          Don't define now() in frontend as its value changes every sec.