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    Qlikview 10 SR3 - Images disappearing in ajax

      I have just upgrade my server from version 10 with the SR3.


      In my application I have used text objects to display images.

      • Using the text box to enter a path
      • Using the background button and selecting images from the file system.


      Now when you go to the application and use the ajax client and you make a selections or press clear the text box images vanish.


      I managed to figure out it is the image stretch setting that causes this.

      For some reason this setting does not get reloaded when you make a selection.
      If you would design in web mode:

      1. press clear
      2. image disappears
      3. click on text object properties
      4. change the stretch option
      5. image reappears


      Is this bug going to be solved?


      Thanks in advance,