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    Help with Upgrading from QlikView Version 10 to QlikView Version 10 SR3

      We are currently running QlikView Version 10, and need to upgrade to Version 10, SR3 on our server and for each of our users who has QlikView on their desktop.  We have never upgraded a QlikView version before.  Are there any issues that we should be aware of during our first upgrade?  Also, is there any documentation or instructions about how to upgrade a QlikView version? 

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          Internal Service Release updates are fairly straight forward.  Before upgrading I would recommend using the latest QlikView Desktop applicaton to test all of your documents in normal and web view modes.  If your documents are OK.  On the Server, stop all of the QlikView Services.  Backup C:\Programdata\Qliktech, and your mounted folders.  With the services still stopped, execute the new QlikView 10 SR3 Server insallation program.  The Install will prompt you if you want to upgrade the server, respond with a yes.  The upgrade will then automatically upgrade all of your previously installed components.  Once finished, reboot the server or restart your services.  For the Clients, you will need to uninstall the previously installed versions before reinstalling the QV10 SR3 Desktop Client.  If you use the IE Plugin, this too should be uninstalled and replaced with the newest SR3 Plugin.

            • Help with Upgrading from QlikView Version 10 to QlikView Version 10 SR3



              I am about to upgrade Version 10 to SR3 and was reading your reply to the question above and wanted to calrify something.  Are you saying that you do not need to uninstall the server before installing the upgrade? 


              From the instructions provided by Qlikview in the Server manual it says 'Upgrading to a new release of Qlikview Server will generally require an uninstall of the old release and install of the new release'.


              Those instructions are vague as it says 'will generally require'.  I am trying to understand when the uninstall is and is not required.





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                  Hi Kal,


                  Since QlikView 10 you only typically need to manually uninstall the software

                  when upgrading between major releases, ie QV9 - QV10.  If you are performing

                  an internally service release update in release QV10, ie QV10 - QV10 SR1 or

                  QV10 - QV10 SR3, the just stopping the QlikView services will suffice and

                  the update will upgrade what you have previously installed.



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