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    Linking Multiple Reports




      i have some reports like server details is one report(sheet) and hardware details is another report...like this  i have 5 reports,, in the main report i have hierarchy

      if i click on servers that report has to display and i click on hardware that report has to update with the existing report......how to link all these in to this hierarchy,,.....please help me on this..

        • Linking Multiple Reports


          what do ypu mean by " that report has to update with the existing report"?

          Have you tried simple buttons with actions?

          If you chose "extern" within the actions you can choose "open a QlikView Document" and then just write the URL to the other report.

          Hope that helps.



            • Linking Multiple Reports

              Hi Sabine,


                             Thanks for your replay,,


                                      Let me explain clearly,,,actually we are implementing a dashboard the first page is like this....





                    -- Desktops

                    -- Firewalls



                   --Middleware(these all are not the tabs its like a tree structure, and assume all are individual sheets)


                 From this first page if i click servers that report has display and if i click on Desktops that report has to display .......  i think now  you understand my req...

                • Linking Multiple Reports

                  So you can use the Show Condition in the the individual sheets.

                  Choose Sheet properties -> Layout -> Show -> Conditinal


                  In the Conditional window you can use something like:

                  =if(concat(Treefield)='Hardware', 1,0)


                  That will for e.g. show your Hardware-Sheet if there is "Hardware" selected in the field where you have your tree information.


                  Is that what you need?




                    • Linking Multiple Reports

                      Yes exactly i want to show the sheets whenever i select a value(sheet) from tree,

                      how to show the selected sheet from tree information what is the expression for that,, i think we have to write the expression in script only,,,,am i right????