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    Variable Length Limit?

    Corey Hulse

      Hi Everyone,


      Is there a limit to the Length of a given variable in QlikView 8.5?


      Long story short, I'm using QlikView 8.5 for a client to create a simluated P&L statement.


      I'm using a Pick-Match setup, and populating the MATCH part with 40+ different choices.  To make the code reusable, instead of this:


      PICK(MATCH([Metric ID], 1, 2, 3...39, 40), SUM(1), MAX(2), AVG(3)...SUM(39), SUM(40))


      I'm doing this:


      PICK(MATCH([Metric ID], $(MetricIDList)), $(MetricSyntaxList))


      The problem is, my $(MetricSyntaxList) variable is now 5,200+ characters, and no longer works.  I know my syntax is correct, because it works if it's under 5,200 characters and breaks if it's over 5,200 characters.


      Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance.

        • Variable Length Limit?
          John Witherspoon

          I don't think there is supposed to be a limit.  That said, I believe I've run into expression length limits before when specifically trying to test that.  When long enough, I've had valid expressions crash out the entire application.


          Unfortunately, I don't know of a good workaround for what you seem to be trying to do. 


          Maybe if you need this in a chart type that allows hidden expressions, you could check for a limited number of metrics in several different pick(match()) expressions.  Then create a final expression that picks the first non-null value from the previous results.  That's assuming the limit is related to one expression or variable, and not to the total across several.  Since the limit is likely a bug, it's very hard to guess what might and might not work.

          • Variable Length Limit?

            Hi Corey, I had the same problem in a big customer with big complex expression in version 8.5, unfortunately we could not find a good way the solve it, but to migrate to version 9. I guess you can have a good chance using hidden expressions as John pointed out.



            • Variable Length Limit?
              Valeriy Shylin



              we are having the same problem with Qlikview 10 SR3.


              We have some very long formulas in a dozen of variables. One table incorporates all the calculations, so the table expression has a number of IFs that decide which variable to display.


              At a certain point the table stops evaluating the variables.


              We consider this a bug since there are no explicit indications by Qliktech about the variable length limit.



              Valeriy Shylin