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    Problem with OnOpen Action for Users

      I have a document, on QV 10 SR1 Server, with an Action set up for the OnOpen trigger. This action sets the correct Fiscal Week # based on the day of the current week. We're using data reduction for two user roles: ADMIN and USER.


      When this document is open in a browser by someone who is an ADMIN user, it works great, just as designed. However, if someone opens it in a browser as a User, then the Fiscal Week # selectionbox has nothing selected. Using the IE Plugin.


      Is there a setting somewhere for this? I'm not calling a Macro - this is a regular QV expression:


      =if(WeekDay(Today()) = 'Mon',Only({$<[Calendar Date]={"=$(=Today())"}>}[Fiscal Week #])-1,Only({$<[Calendar Date]={"=$(=Today())"}>}[Fiscal Week #]))