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    Make groups with some fields.

      Hi Everybody..


      In my QlikView project i have a column call User, that cotains something like User1, User2, User3, User4.... etc, i want to make a group with some Users, for example the User1 and User3 belong to Group1, and the User2 an User 4 Belong to Group2, and make a Table that permit choose Group1 or Group2.

      All of this is because in that field i have mixed all users but for the statistics is necessary make groups to analyze the data.


      Best Regards.

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          John Witherspoon

          Perhaps this.  You could join it to the main table if you prefer, or make it a mapping table used during the load of the main table.


          [User Groups]:
          "User Group"
          ,subfield("Users",',') as "User"
          INLINE [
          User Group: Users
          Group1: User1, User3
          Group2: User2, User4
          ] (delimiter is ':');

            • Make groups with some fields.

              Hi Mr John


              Thanks a lor for your answer, It works!...


              I load in the main table this:


              [User Groups]:



              ,subfield("Users",',') as Usuarios


              INLINE [

              Redes: Users

              SDH: alejmars, luisgoms, linaloz1, luiscolv, ivanaprs, luisfors

              DWDM: marigoma, josejulg, fredpena, fabimerm, carlruim

              IPDSLAM: luisrojm, marigarf, gabrcon1, favyvegc, rogerodm

              RCE: cesagamb, taniort1, juanmacv, marisilp, javimorb

              RME: wilmdiar, juanvilr, julimorv, carllanm, jhonloz1


              (delimiter is ':');


              But i need to link the new field Call "Usuarios" with another field call [Abierto por] in order to obtain the statistics of each group.


              Thanks a lot again for your help.