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    Qlikview access permission via 2-3 domain accounts



      I need assistance on this current project im in regarding domain user's who need to log into Qlikview Accespoint cite, here are my scenario's..


      1. Current Qlikview Server is installed and configured in our A-Domain (Philippines).

      2. User's here can login to the Qlikview AccesPoint since they reside to the Domain werein qlikview is configured.




      3. Is it possible for other user's from other domains (ex. Boston B-Domain and Canada C-Domain) to be able to log in to Qlikview Accesspoint cite without us creating them a temp. A-Domain account? Let's say all 3 domains have trust relations configured would that be an addition?


      If its possible what steps/process can i follow?


      If not then my last resort would be creating A-Domain accounts which from my lists would be a lot.


      Reason is Counterparts from other countries would like to see their team's progress and performance..


      Hope someone can give me a clue here. Appreciate the help.