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    Cannot open files I created - user key

    Gerhard Laubscher



      So I have a big problem.


      I am using QV Personal Edition for work, then I send files to external parties who do have licenses.


      I had an IT guy come in to install VPN en some other stuff on my laptop. To do so he added me to an administrator group temporarily. After he left I tried to open my QV files and I get the error message that you get when trying to open another person's file with QV PE:


      "This QlikView document was created by another QlikView PErsonal Edition USer... etc."


      So I'm guessing my user key somehow changed. The guy doesn't know what to do about this either. I ams cared to use the "recover" option as you can only use it four times and I have tons and tons of different QV files created on my laptop that I use constantly.


      Any ideas?