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    R3 Data Loading issue in to Qlikview?



      when i am trying to pulling data from R3 into qlikview,i can able to load first table script data,but 2nd table script data not loading....qlikview hanging



      some times generating dev_rfc.trc log file on desktop?


      pls let me know any wht is the cause.


      note: installed qlickview connector for sap and tested....working fine.





        • R3 Data Loading issue in to Qlikview?
          sunil jain

          can i know which table you are extracting ?.

          • R3 Data Loading issue in to Qlikview?
            Rakesh Mehta

            Nothing wrong with your code. The tables you are loading aren't big enough to cause problems.

            You may want to just load all values and see how it works:


            T001L:   // Division Codes

            SQL Select  *  from T001L;


            TSPAT:   // Sales Division Codes

            SQL Select *  from TSPAT WHERE SPRAS = 'EN';


            Otherwise, I recommend double checking what versions on R/3 (BASIS) you have and which transports you have imported for SAP Connector. You may have imported wrong one. If so, please check installation manual to identify correct transports.


            You mentioned about dev_rfc.trc file being generated. Open that file in notebook and it will show you the communication problem your systems may be having. Also check SM37 for terminated jobs, SM21 for sys log and ST22 for system dumps. Post trace file here for further recommendations.



            • R3 Data Loading issue in to Qlikview?
              sunil jain

              Tables you are extracting is not big one.

              I will suggest you retransport the SAP Connector Transport according to SAP Basis version.