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    Probability Functions in Qlikview

    Mark Monfort

      Hi all,


      Long time user, first time poster.


      I was wondering if anyone has successfully implemented either the BETAINV or GAMMA functionality available in MS Excel, through Qlikview.


      I see that there are a limited number of probability/statistical functions in Qlikview and that neither of these functions are available.


      Has anyone implemented this type of analysis in their work??


      I thought I could do a workaround via a macro loading VB script and am currently searching the web to find this... has anyone done something similar and could you please advise what the script was?




      Many thanks!!!

        • Probability Functions in Qlikview
          Mark Monfort

          I've actually found the following information but still not solved the problem. On Qlikview's Help page under "statistical distribution functions" it states:



          The statistical distribution functions described below are all implemented in QlikView using the Cephes library. For references and details on algorithms used, accuracy etc, please see http://www.netlib.org/cephes/. The Cephes function library is used by permission."


          In my net searches I actually found that the Cephes library is where you can find a MYSQL script for creating Beta distribution (and hence finding the inverse of Beta distribution).


          Has anyone called on this library of functions before?