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    Identifying which cyclic group value is being viewed?



      Is it possible to identify which cyclic group expression is currently being displayed?


      If so, what is the correct syntax to apply?




      ie currently have following formula to sort my bars on a waterfall chart (for when cyclic group = Euros):




      Waterfall Eur.gif


      but would like this to change to sum(QtyKG) when cycled to display volumes, as currently it remains sorted on Euros (as per my definition):


      Waterfall Vol.gif


      Have tried sorting using descending Y value, Numeric Value etc...  but this then removes the "waterfall" effect (although displays in descending order).


      Waterfall Y Val.gif

      the formula im currently using in the "Bar offset" to create the waterfall effect uses the "above" function:


      If(rowno()=1,0,rangesum (above(sum(QtyKG),1,rowno()-1)))





      Does anyone know a solution to change the expression in the sort by criteria to reflect the current cyclic group selection?


      Any thoughts greatly appreciated,


      Kind regards,