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    RAM not deallocated after reload / redistribution

    Roland Mayr

      Is it possible that the memory used up by a previously opened document is not released after

      the document is reloaded and redistributed?


      For Test Purposes I have a Windows Server 2008 64Bit with QV 10 SR1 and only one distributed Document.

      If 5 users are connected to the document, about 10 GB of RAM are allocated by the qvs Service. When I

      reload and redistribute the document, all users get disconnected, but the 10 GB of RAM stay allocated.

      As users start to connect again to the redistributed document, allocated RAM grows to 20 GB.


      It seems like the timeout parameters work for the redistributed document, but the older version of the

      document allocates RAM forever.

        • Re: RAM not deallocated after reload / redistribution
          Peter Turner

          Hello Rolandm,


          You could get that behaviour for a number of reasons, such as the"Allow only one copy of document in memory" setting, document timeout or pre-load options.

          Also 10gb QVS would mean quite a large QVW document.


          It also depends on which browser method the users are using, Ajax doesn’thave a 'close session' mechanism so the session remains open until the timeout is reached.

          As a side note, there is a way to stop the users getting disconnected,called 'graceful document refresh' but I’m having trouble with this feature at present and QT are looking into it.