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    assigning users to sets of applications thru QV workbench

    Arvind Tikku

      Hi,     We are trying to create a consolidate dashboard, using document chaining to link a few Qlikview applications.  One area I am trying to find out if it is feasible to do document chaining cross application.  Consider the following set up from QV workbench: App 1: AppGroup PTT, AppName Dashboard (100 Entitled User).     App 2: AppGroup PTT, AppName TD (50 Entitled Users) App 3: AppGroup PTT, AppName Consolidated (20 Entitled Users) The reason I want to create 3 sets of app is each has different entitlement, and I am not sure if I can do entitlement on individual QVW files . The way I want the App to work is create a document chaining that would invoke TD/Dashboard from Consolidated.  Note: We are using QV workbench for assigning applications to various users. Regards Raj