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    Count Rows in Table Diagramm

      Hi, I am pretty new to Qlikview and got the following issue.


      I created a table diagram like:


      column A | column B | column C | column D
      Value A         Value A     Value A          10
      Value A         Value A     ValueB            20
      Value A         Value A     Value C          3
      Value A         Value B     Value A          12
      Value C         Value A      Value A         77

      and so on.

      Now I want to know, how many lines do I have in this diagram?
      When I use the count or text count function, Qlikview always counts the amount of rows in the root table ( database ).
      I just want to know how I can count the lines / rows I got in the respective table diagram.


      Thanks for your input,

      Regards Mathias