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    Where function in script

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi,I am writing a VAT application and  i am trying to break down a SalesValue field in my script



      Sales Value =£1000 which is a total of £200 Vat Code A, £400 Vat Code B and £400 Vat Code C


      I want to break this down in the script and make new fields something like:



      SalesValue Where VATIndicator ='A' AS SalesValueA,

      SalesValue Where VATIndicator ='B' AS SalesValueB,

      SalesValue Where VATIndicator ='C' AS SalesValueC




      But i do not know how to do it..


      I know i can use set analysis in a chart to total up each VAT Code but i thought it might be quicker to get it done in the script instead (As the script is reloaded out of hours)


      Can anyone help please?