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    Calculated dimension using group

      Hi all,


      Does anybody knows a way to get the cyclic or hierarchic group system button when using such a group in a calculated dimension ?


      In my dashboard there are common KPI objects (sales, ROI ...) for which I want to be able to switch dimensions with a button using variable.


      Here is the formula that define the dimension :

      =if(vDisplay_swtich_Product_Support=0,[hierarchie_pdt],[activité > support])


      Here is my formula to get the right dimension label

      =if(vDisplay_swtich_Product_Support=0,GetCurrentField([hierarchie_pdt]),GetCurrentField([activité > support]))


      As a result I get the right hierarchic dimension with right label and I can drill down. But there is no more the group button to drill up !


      I'd very glad if anyone give me the tip to deal with it





        • Calculated dimension using group
          Isaiah Weed

          I don't think you can do this directly using a calculated dimension.  Alternatively, maybe modify the group (or create another) using the entire calculated dimension expressions.


          You can also add a list box with the group, and the users could "cycle" it there.  Or create a macro to cycle through the values and add a regular button object to trigger.

            • Calculated dimension using group

              I understand your proposal but my point is to get the simpliest and most ergonomical way to change for end user. Eventually I use my switch button that changes similar objects instead of dimensions inside same object. For end user it's the same result but it seems to me that sheet is however heavier this way.