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    How to call url in graph

      Hello Guys,


      I wonder if you have any way to associate a URL in a graph, for example have abar chart and given index I click on it and call a url that will have registered anaction for that specific index in the graph, but do not want that this graph is static.




      Jonathan Kirschen

        • How to call url in graph
          Anand Chouhan



          On a bar graph you need to display another object which work as a Link for associated URL by this you go to that url. I don't no i am clearly understand or not if so please provide any sample file.




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            Without using macros, I would create a button that is only visible when the user selects a single index, and add an Open URL action to the button that links to the appropriate url. The user would then need to click on the button after selecting the index within the chart.


            I've attached an example of this.

              • How to call url in graph

                Thanks for the reply,


                This is the concept of what I need to apply, but the link must be within the graph.Example I have a graph in which the financier is negative and have an action plan for this financial index registered, then I need to point out that this indexhave a negative action plan and created a direct link to this php application.