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    Is there an Accesspoint automatic login when referencing a document through AJAX in iFrame?

    Jakob Berglund

      Hi all!


      I recently encountered a problem when trying to access a .qvw on an Accesspoint restricted through login based on a custom user directory. Basically, if I have the accesspoint open in another tab (logged in as any user), my document shows up in the iFrame just fine. If I log out however, and reload my iFrame, I get the error "page not found".


      Is there any way to pass credentials through the iFrame link OR to make the credentials login popup at the site of my iFrame?


      I suppose the obvious answer would be tickets, but I'm trying to avoid it as we'd have to rebuild the SSO solution currently in place. 


      An alternate solution I've had in mind is to build a "new accesspoint", through modifying the QvAjaxZfc to ignore the login on accesspoint and grant all users access (limited only by the number of CALs of course). Anyone had any experience with this, please feel free to contribute!


      P.S. I'm using QV9SR4 D.S.



      Jakob Berglund