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    How to differentiate data field after linking?

      Hi All,


      I am having a problem in differentiating the data field after linking. I have a master table which contain information about employees. There are few tables that are attached to this table based on the Employee ID.


      Now my problem is I need to draw a chart taking my dimension value from master table and counting EMPLID from a specific table. But all the tables have EMPLID as there linking criteria. How would QV chart differentitate what EMPLID values i need to count, it may be counting total EMPLID from table 1 attached to master table or from table 2 .


      I can't use a Qualify statement to differentiate between EMPLID of different tables coz that is my linking field, through which it is linked to master table.


      So, what is a way to differentiate from which table we need to count the EMPLID. thanks.


      Any help will be appreciated . It's Urgent.