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    Need help in set Analysis

      =count({<CallTypeDesc= {'Request'},SubCategory = {"=(Capitalize(Left(SubCategory,15))= {'=Towing Facility'}"},Res_Cre_TAT = {'<=CreResTAT2'},Res_Cre_TAT = {'<=CreResTAT'}>}QRCNo)*100





      if(Capitalize(left(SubCategory, 15))='Towing Facility'

      i want this condition in my expression i have tried it but doesn't got it right.. is dere id somebody who can help me.

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          Liron Baram



          set analysis is like making a selection in a field



          you wo'nt get resaults because it try to find a subcategory value like you wrote


          you have as i see it to options


          one in the load script to add a field with this formula


          if(Capitalize(left(SubCategory, 15))='Towing Facility',1,0) as SubCategoryFlag



          then your expresssion will look like this


          =count({<CallTypeDesc= {'Request'},SubCategoryFlag= {"1"},Res_Cre_TAT = {'<=CreResTAT2'},Res_Cre_TAT = {'<=CreResTAT'}>}QRCNo)*100

          the other one


          the other one is to use if statement in your expression


          =count({<CallTypeDesc= {'Request'},Res_Cre_TAT = {'<=CreResTAT2'},Res_Cre_TAT = {'<=CreResTAT'}>}if(Capitalize(left(SubCategory, 15))='Towing Facility',QRCNo))* 100