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    Pivot table sub-total for 1 column should not be shown ... help?

    Anita Fuchten

      I have a Pivot table which also shows sub-totals for the expression columns. The last column contains an expression which determines to show the content or not (e.g. budget below 10.000 is not shown) ... but with the count this is shown.


      See picture below (the green marked column sub-total):



      Anyone got suggestions how to solve this?


      The expression used in the mentioned column:


       count({<Year =, Month=, Quarter=,Week=,Day= >}total  <Projectnr>  if(Project.ProjectType = 'Project',Project.ProjectType)) > 0
      ([Budget] >= 10000 or [Budget] = 0)
      , [Budget] - [Totaal project])

      thx in advance!!