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    Google Map with sales data.

      I am trying to recreate the map that is used in the sample document Online Sales that comes with qlickview personal edition.


      My issue is that none of our data for our customers have the latitude/longitude. I have looked at other posts on how to pass this to google to get the geokey, but I am still a beginner and I get lost pretty easily.


      I also do not have the ability to open sample qvw's since I am on personal edition.



      Can anyone help me with this? Retrieving data from a 2005 SQL database.

        • Google Map with sales data.

          After a lot of annoyance I was able to get this to work. I had to download a txt file that had City and State with respective coordinates that I had to load in.


          I would still like to know how to pass this information out to have something look it up for me, since this file does not have every single city/state, and does not include other countries. Also would be a little better if I only had to bring in ones pertaining to my data when I am currently loading around 4 mil. US coord.