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    Problem with Pivot Chart Expression.

      Hi Friends,

                     I am creating a pivot table where one column named 'Season-2011 Weight Sale No.14-13'

      is not showing any value.And another problem is that the mentioned Column name should be dynamic.

      It should be changed depending upon the user selections.We have a field Named "Sale No".We made a

      list box of that Field and can select a SaleNo range and want to show the Amount(In Kgs)on that SaleNo


      I am attaching a Screenshot along with that discussion.There You find a red mark.On that point of column

      name I want to put a Expression which shows A SaleNo Range on the basis of selection.User can select

      any range.The column name should also be changed dynamically.It may be...'Season-2011 Weight Sale No.14-13',

      Season-2011 Weight Sale No.40-13' ,Season-2011 Weight Sale No 1-25' etc.

      Please help me.

      Thanks And Regards.


        • Problem with Pivot Chart Expression.
          klaus skalts

          Try this - if we assume that you want the result to be for a specific Sale No and a specifik sales season:




               [Sale No] = {$(=Only([Sale No]))},

               [Season] = {$(=Only([Season]))},




          Column label should be


          ='Season: ' & ONLY(SEASON) & CHR(10) & 'Weight' & CHR(10) & 'SALE NO: ' &  Only([Sale No]



          This will ONLY return a value when you have selected one (and only one) value in each of the fields SEASON and Sale No