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    Displaying message in column when no data is present

      I'm fairly new to Qlikview and have a question. I have 2 sources of incoming data. 1 is updated monthly and the other is also updated monthly but is on a 1 or 2 month lag from the first set of data. So, I have a pivot table that has 2 dimensions and 4 measures. 2 of those measures are present for each month (we have 5 months of historical data). However, 2 of the other measures are there for only the first 3 months. Visually, what I end up with if I filter on a monthly file date 3 months ago I see the following:


      Dim 1     Dim2     Meas1     Meas2     Meas3     Meas4

      First       Second     $10       20%         4.5           2.3

      First       Third          $15     12%          2.7          4.9



      However, if I look at the most current month's data, it looks like the following:


      Dim1     Dim2     Meas1     Meas2     Meas3     Meas4

      First     Second     $15          17%       0.00         -

      First     Third         $12          25%       0.00          -



      What I'd like to have, is when there is a situation like example 2 above, to have Meas3 & Meas4 display a message like "No data to display" or some other custom message like "Generally, this data is lagged behind the portfolio data and is not available at this time."


      Any ideas how to do that in Qlikview