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    Email a dynamic ppt

      When i create a powerpoint based on a Qv document i can drill down in the charts etc. on my OWN computer.

      When I send the powerpoint to someone else, it looses it's functionality. Is there a way to enable the other person to drill down on the data. Without installing Qlikview.



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          This is what i want to accomplish, but in ppt


          I hope I don't need to install anything new, bec ause i really want to use it for people who don't have Qlikview, a licence of any special installation!

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            klaus skalts

            No unfortunately not - PowerPoint "talks" to your QlikView engine - and it's QlikView doing all the work. When you cut the connection to QlikView you also cut the access to QlikView functionality.


            The only way to have interaction in PowerPoint is ti have QlikView and the QlikView document available to the user sitting with Powerpoint.

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                So when i want to be able to drag my presentation around the building without taken me own laptop, i'll need to install te Qv Server and have all the reports on it?


                That way it would work ...

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                    klaus skalts

                    Using QlikView Server is certainly the best solution.


                    You can log on from any workstation in the network and the data will be automatically updated.


                    Only you must know that there can be issues with changing screen objects on the fly - you must have Enterprise Edition Server as well as rights to maintain server objects.


                    Also you can  not make changes to the script - should you be in the need of that.


                    Finally - reload: If you need to reload on-the-fly; this can be done from the Server Control Panel if you have the rights to do so ....


                    In anycase - I feel QlikView Server is the best solution for users who are logged on to the network.