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    How to fill in missing values in data

    Johan Fredrik Øhman



      I have run into an issue which I thought someone here could answer..


      Date                 Name        Value


      01/01/2011        John          10

      01/01/2011        Peter          22

      02/01/2011        John          11

      *** Missing***

      03/01/2011        John          10

      03/01/2011        Peter          22



      When I select "Peter" and graph this kind of data.  I have to use "Continuous" axis in order to get all dates on the x-axis, but this introduces some visual artifacts.  Instead,  I'm looking for a method to "fill inn" a zero value on each date that misses a name, so that the data "is there", just with a zero value.


      Optimally, this should have been solved in the raw data in the database.  However, I'm not in charge of that, so that leaves me with two options:


      1. Modify the data in the SQL statement

      2. Modify the data in Qlikview Scripting language


      Any suggestions for approaches is greatly appreciated.