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    How do I pull out the Day of Week from a Date File (plus average counts)

      I have a data set and I want to pull a couple of different things out.

      First of all - I have the month already as a separate field (example:  1,2,3)


      I would like to pull out the 'day of week' from a date format loaded as:    mm/dd/yyyy


      I have data spread over a year.


      I also have 'hour' of incident as a separate field.


      I can create a chart that displays the number of incidents for each hour (and each month).


      What I want is:


      To be able to find out the 'average' number of incidents for each hour (through the dataset), and also by day of week and month


      So: in the end, I can have a chart(s) that will show average # of incidents (count) by hour /day/ month.


      Any help would be appreciated.