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    IE plugin installation within Citrix

      We are deploying a QV application at a client who work in a Citrix environment. I mailed their IT the link to the IE plugin and asked them to install it. However I get the reply that it is a complex installation instead of a simple plugin. Do you have any experience with the installation of the IE plugin within Citrix? Does it have a lot of impact on the Citrix environment which requires extensive testing or just a simple installation? Any tips for the installtion are also more then welcome so I can pass them on to IT. Again your help is very much appreciated!

        • IE plugin installation within Citrix
          Fernando Obara Suzuki



          I'm working with a client that also uses Citrix. They did not complain about the install itself, and everytinh is working fine. The only thing is that their Citrix environment has a farm of servers, so they had to install the plugin in all (three or four) servers available for QlikView.


          The plugin install is a very straightforward method and it isn't complex at all. It doesn't even need a system restart...





            • IE plugin installation within Citrix

              Hi Fernando,


              Thanks for your reply! I will take it up with IT again.





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                  mind if I ask how your install of IE plug with Citrix went? Did you find any issues?


                  We have recently installed IE plugin on our Citrix farm and this has gone fine, one annoyance we have found is, when an end user opens up the access point it will do the plugin install and will install on the server they are pointed to. Then when they access again and are pointed to a different server in the farm they have the same install come up again,

                  did you experience this? and is there anyway to do the install on the server the first time and have this mirror across the whole farm after that? so that the install for the end user is only ever done the once? Rather than having it pop up 20+ times?