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    Performance of documents on the server vs desktop



      I'm after other QV developers experience of the difference in performance between o document on the desktop and the same document, using Ajax on the Qlikview server. My experience is that a document that works very quickly, with almost instant response to clicks and filters slows down significantly on the server through IE8 web browser. Instant reposes become 3 to 4 seconds, 1 second responses become 10-11 seconds. The feedback from users is that it is slower than they expected as we tend to demo using a local installation.


      Our server is a few years old and we have a new one in the pipeline, but even on small documents (20,000 records, 2MB file, efficient expressions) we see a signficant  loss of performance.


      Anyone had a similar experience, does anyone have any advice, will a brand new server with more RAM, faster processes help?


      Appreciate your thoughts.