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    Problem with linked tables for different dates and joins

    Glenn Renwick



      I have four main tables:  This is a "Problem Type -> Case Raised Against Problem Type -> Views on Case" Application.


      Table1: A table of problem types and the count of problems per day based on that problem

      Table 2:A table of cases raised on that problem

      Table 3:A table of views on those cases

      Table 4:A master Calendar.


      It seems like i have everything in those tables to make it work nicely.


      I have included an example.


      I would like to have a graph where I could simply see, on a given month (choosen by the master calendar)


      The views related to the selected problem or case

      The number of cases resolved by day on a selected problem or case

      The count of problems raised by day on that selected problem or cases that where associated to the problems which is set by table 2.


      The community has been a great help to get me where I am but I think I'm getting something wrong in my relationship building.