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      Good Afternoon Everyone,


      Someone could tell me how to create a text box pop up on a graph, the contents of this box will be associated with certain months of the graph. Example in the month of February had a low amount of sales, so I would like to create a boxwhere you will have the comment explaining why. thanks



      Jonathan Kirschen

        • Create a Pop-up Help
          Jonathan Dienst



          In the chart properties | caption dialog, enter text in the help text box. For a chart, this will add a ? to the icons in the caption, which will pop up the help text if you hover over the ?, or click it.


          To create a hover pop-up on the entire chart, overlay the chart with a transparent text box, and add the help text to the text box in the same way as above. Now hovering anywhere over the transparent text box will cause the help to pop-up. Make sure that the text box is in a layer above the chart.


          Of course, this second approach prevents the user from selecting data from the chart!


          Hope that helps


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            See if the attached sample can help you.