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    ODBC with links on tables.

      Greetings everyone, im a bit stuck with something i was asked to if i could do at work, but i dont really know where to start or how i should go about it, so here it goes.


      Im loading a a table from a ODBC database, so far so good, this tables contains several  fields, and one of the fields contains table names. eg





      So what i need now, is being able to click on Table A and Qlikview Loads Table A.

      But this works as following, the main table the one that i show here is different day by day, so in this case it returned company A,B,C and D but tomorrow it might show company F,H,K,T, therefore im going to need to load this main table everytime, to see what Companies it returns, then i want to be able to click or be able to select somewhere the corresponding table for that company.


      Now i could just load all TableA to TableZ and then just need a multibox select to view the table i needed, but for that i would need to load all Tables from the get go, and for optimum speed, i would like to be able to just load the table once clicked or selected.


      Many Thanks